My journey

How to start this?? well,  here I go…

After a few new experiences in my life, changes of places, happiness, sadness, work ( a lot of work),and one kilogram, then 2, 3, ,4, till 20 OMG!! I find myself in a point that I need a change, because i love myself the best!! I know that sounds like trumpets of narcissism are around, but it is really far away from that, the changes need to come from inside… WE NEED TO LOVE OURSELVES!! …and specially our bodies. Those are the only thing that goes with us until we die, so we gonna start to love this little fellow that is our earthly being… ❤

Lets face it, most of the time, we worry about how people is gonna look at us, more than if our hope of life for us is getting shorter, or in our future we will have the need of little needles to inject in our  bodies  insulin in order to survive. And the most funny thing is the fact of being  in front of the TV looking at the models that we want be.

Everything change when you gain some kilos, the body tell you that you are doing something wrong, really wrong,the more kilos you gain the more harder it is for you to move, so the more weight you gain, the bigger your apettite  is gonna be, it is a bad loop, and it is not easy to get out of it.

Besides I substitute the TV by computer, I will start to change the “bad habits” for good ones… so this blog will be my logbook, and I hope that during the process of this “metamorphosis” I also will help a lot of people out there, or at least give them a few tips that will do the work 😉 !!!

So here’s go my first tip:

Change your life only for your good, love yourself, then the love to another it will be real and sincere.

This is me before... so this is how i will look again :D

This is me before… so this is how i will look again 😀

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