Is one of the most important meals but this doesn’t mean that we need to overload our bodies with calories and unnecessary fat!! In my first 2 weeks of this “metamorphosis” , I will change a few habits for my own good!! so start the day with drink, drink, drink!!!!

  1. Water: before anything water. Lets give to the body a boost of water, our essence, the best way to trigger the metabolism is to drink one bigggg glass of water.
  2. No more white bread, only a hole grain bread, white flour is pure processed sugar, and almost no fiber inside, ONLY ONE PIECE!! will do the work.
  3. FRUITS!!! si, si, si, source of vitamins, energizing, helping our body to produce the “good bacteria”  for our system, and good sugar!! natural, natural, natural!! and no juices, we need our body to understand that we are having food, not starving ourselves, so no matter which fruit (included banana is really good!!), give to your body THE GOOD STUFF!!
  4. Coffee, tea, Mate (my favorite one 😉 ), chai, Rooiboos, green tea, make teas with different flavors your best friend, it will help you a lot!! and it’s much better than the old caffeine shot.
  •  No sugar. Refined sugar is out of our life in these two first week.
  • No artificial sweeteners. Maybe at the beginning it’s not so funny, but with the time, your brain will enjoy the taste of plain beverages, so no cheat in a solitary game.
  • No milk. Milk we need to over digest, so we gonna make things easier for our stomach, and at the same time we will feel more light and healthy.

So i hope that this picture of my beautiful mate and some tasty full of vitamins plate will inspire you!!


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