Water the source of life…

One “bad habit” of society today, is drinking flavored drinks.

Think about this: every time that your body needs the intake of liquid in order to avoid dehydration, you give your system a crazy quantity of sugar!! …that your body doesn’t appreciate, and sugar just get “glued to your fat”, in the best of the case. Without counting about the chemical ballet, that this kind of drink contains, you can´t keep natural juices more than 12 hours without preservatives, so you see how “natural” this is.

The human being is an animal with habits, so if you get used to the idea of that “water is boring”, congratulations!!! You just won a lifetime contract, to pay and to make beverage companies really rich. They fool you through publicity showing beautiful people, that in most of the cases would never get even close to that type of drinks!! 😉


So my advice is: drink water whenever you are thirsty, believe me it is really energizing, leave the juice, and other drinks for special occasions only, and if it is really hard, just boil herbs, let it cool down and keep it in your fridge and no sugar!! Your wallet and your body are gonna be totally thankful…

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1 Response to Water the source of life…

  1. Yes! We love water!! 😀

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