Proteins: the key to success

Is well know that proteins are our fuel. Either if it is  from animal or vegetarian source, it will give us more time the sensation of full stomach and plenty energy, so is perfect for lunch, to give more fuel to our day.

I don’t to eat so much proteins by dinner, my grandma used to tell me that to eat meat by night gives you bad dreams, now I see the logic about being with a lot energy only to go sleep maybe is not the best.

For the other side I highly recommend to eat a lot of green an every meals, so that will satisfy your stomach, full your digestive system with good fibers and it help to digest  meats 😀 ,my lunch was like this: plain meat, with a large lettuce, cucumber and onion salad, a little spoon of olive oil, vinager and… bon apetitte 🙂


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