105.000 people can´t be wrong!

The best tip in order to get a real change: if you are sitting, stand up, if you stand up, walk, if you walk, cycle!! this is an amazing post about my favorite city and this marvelous system called Bicing, read about it and find out why I’m so fascinated about Bicing!!


I am amazed! No more being stuck in traffic, no more trying to find a parking spot, no more running after busses, no more time spent on, by tourists and pickpockets crowded metro platforms, no more waiting for the tram or wasting money on expensive taxi fares!

After trying for just a little bit more than a week. I am totally convinced! I love “Bicing” and its great concept of bike sharing here in Barcelona. If I´m alone to see the clever in this? No! Almost 105.000 citizens are using this service and the popularity is growing. In Barcelona bikes are stolen all the time and you´re recommended to invest the same amount of money on your locks, as you did on your bike in the first place. …but, with Bicing, you´ll need no more worries my friend. You don´t need to carry your bike up and down the stairs…

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2 Responses to 105.000 people can´t be wrong!

  1. Thank you very much for reblogging my post! I´m glad you liked it. Have a wonderful evening! 🙂

    Björn Petersson

  2. Reblogged this on Sex, Shape and Spirituality and commented:
    Really great idea!

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