During all the history the human being has been looking for answers, maybe sometimes even without knowing the questions…

I found the answer to everything: LOVE.

Not in a Hollywood way, the opposite, the natural way, with imperfections, love that naturally comes from within us, just perfect!

During our life we are being learned to follow all the other people like examples for our life , but why aren’t we the good example for our own life?

It’s not easy to raise another human being, so maybe it was more easy to create heroes in order to raise the kids up. To be like the other persons looking how the others do. Maybe it could be better to make us secure about that we can do everything, as well where to find the answer for all the questions in the same place where they are coming from: from within. From ourselves.

No one can live another person’s life. You may imitate another person and give everything in order to accomplish that,  but you will never be someone else. So why spend hours in front of the TV or computer watching lives of other people, why the need to idolize another human being that is just like you?

Wouldn’t it be better to also teach kids on how to meditate, and get better results than only teaching them history only to be like another hero, nor to avoid the mistakes of another person?

Once I heard from a teacher of publicity and marketing, that the goal of a good publisher is to make people unhappy so they will do more to be happy. Happy people don’t buy as much as unhappy people do. So where does this go? Unhappy people that is not happy with themselves, who even get to the point of killing themselves and to poison themselves only searching for the happy life that you see on the screen? Isn’t that completely insane?

If you think about it, millions of human beings kill themselves per year only with alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, chemicals, fat or no fat products, drugs, etc… and the most ironical part is that they pay for it.

So the solution for this is to LOVE YOURSELF. The global problem can only be solved by an individual change. So start to love yourself. And take really good care of yourself, in all the meaning of the word, so you will accept yourself and the love will grow in you so big, that you will love everything around you, and from the love more love will grow. It is a simple formula.

My best start is to see the good things in me, and make that more important than the bad, and what I can do to make my life better.To care for myself, and therefore be more happier, I will make everything to make my surroundings happy. I will make my life happier!! and I hope in my way I will inspire another people to love themselves…

So make my work easier and don’t listen to the TV or the media: you are perfect!!! love yourself and if you change anything do it just for you 🙂

so here it is a really sweet song, it’s in spanish , so good time to learn spanish 😉

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